1. The Henley Passport Index is the most extensive and rigorous measure of global access. It measures passports by how many countries you can get into, what visas are required, how that passport changes over years and how it compares to others. Their 2019 Index is out. Japan, and Singapore are ranked in first place. South Africa fell 3 places going from 51st place to 54th. You can read the full report with rankings here. You can also find out exactly what countries you can get in and what visas you need by clicking here and inserting the passport you hold [Henley Passport Index].
  2. Why you wake up from naps feeling worse than before, plus how to nap correctly – the right time of day and length. My preferred nap length is 26 minutes [Greatist].
  3. The answer to the question you’ve never had. What are red pepper flakes, aside from being deliciously hot flakes that should be sprinkled in pasta, on eggs and avocado toast [Bon Appetit].
  4. How to remember everything [The Atlantic].
  5. How to stay healthy on the road [Mischke Bosse].
  6. PSA: Bedtime snacks are good for you. I repeat. They set you up for an active day [Outside Online].
  7. The best way to store tomatoes [Food52].
  8. Acne treatments may be causing your acne [Medium].
  9. A really important read on drowning and what it actually looks like, because drowning isn’t nearly as loud and dramatic as we think it is. It is quiet and calm and easily missed. This piece points out the signs to look for [Slate].
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