1. A grief counselor and psychologist on grieving people we’ve loved and lost. [Ted]


2. Zoom is the breakout star of 2020. Most of us, myself included, had never heard of it in January this year. Five months later, most of us have now used it at least once. For those who love stats, here’s some interesting stats about Zoom including the fact that 90,000 schools across 20 countries used Zoom during the Covid-19 Outbreak. [FYI]


3. I enjoyed this explanation of Jugaad an Indian Philosophy of not-wasting and how restrictions can make you a better cook. It feels particularly relevant to me now as I shop less during lockdown and have learnt that I can manage just fine without that one ingredient that pre-lockdown I may have gone out for. I’ve also been more careful to use every bit of food, and the meals that have come out of that have been winners. [Bon Appetit].


4. Comedian Julie Nolke did a follow up to her brilliant skit “explaining the pandemic to my future self”. This is part 1, and here is part 2, June Julie visits April Julie [Julie Nolk]


5. Samantha Dube created this excel spreadsheet of Black businesses, authors, content creators you can support. I’d like to add to the list One of Each which is run by mom and daughter duo Tamburai and Pauline Chirume. They make the most gorgeous clutches, bags and facemasks. You can also check out our list of books we’ve read and enjoyed by Black authors here.


6. A look at the health benefits of nasal breathing and an extreme way to train yourself to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth. [Mind Body Green]


7. A step-by-step guide to composting that doesn’t require buying anything and involves digging pits in your garden (really tempted to try this!). If however, you’d rather get a tumbler we’ve heard such great things about these Yolo Compost Tumblers. [NY Times].


8. A great article that shares 6 ways to be an ally with insight into each suggestion. [SOJO]


9. Here’s how time works, a delightful redo of time as we know it. [McSweeneys]

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