1. This weekend may or may not be huge in the road running fraternity. Three runners, laced up in Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elites will attempt to run a sub2 marathon, on a Formula One Track in Monza, Italy. Here’s everything you need to know about the race plus what Dr Ross Tucker and Steve Magness think of this world record attempt [Lets Run]
  2. In case this hasn’t yet popped up on your social media feed, The Oatmeal put out a brilliant cartoon illustrating the Backfire effect and confirmation bias [The Oatmeal]
  3. The ultimate, and I mean ultimate guide to acronyms. And in case you’re wondering I’m the HBIC, go ahead AMA [The Skimm]
  4. A peanut lentil curry for cold nights [Anettt Velsburg]
  5. Wasting time isn’t, in fact, a waste of time. It’s actually important and needs to be done [Quartz]
  6.  How to make Fatteh Makdus, which is stuffed eggplant [Fresh Living]
  7. 8 Apps to help you get 8 hours of sleep. I’ve used sleep cycle , which tracked the sleep I was getting, it didn’t put me to sleep [Greatist]
  8. Perfectly timed for our minimalism monthhow to parent like a minimalist [Mother]
  9. This app will identify any plant from a picture [Collective Evolution]
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