1. “As long as joy is conditional, it will always be something we need to earn. And no matter how hard we work, or how good we are, there will always be the possibility that we could’ve worked harder, could’ve been better. As long as joy is conditional, there will always be a reason to deny it to ourselves.” – from this article on the common belief that steals our joy. [The Aesthetics of Joy]


2. The psychology behind selling ugly produce. [HBR]


3. Putting down my phone and picking up a book has saved my sleep. [The Guardian]


4. What all the scientific jargon in beauty product claims actually mean. [Allure]


5. Is the problem with the internet that we talk too much? A long interesting read on why we aren’t meant to be talking as much as we are and to as many people as we do on the internet. [The Atlantic]


6. The story and journalist that produced the movie, Blue Crush. If you watched this 2002 film, you’ll enjoy reading the back story. [Outside Online]


7. 5 types of rest you need beyond just sleeping. [Mind Body Green]


8. A guide to buying, storing and cooking with spices. [Goop]


9.  10 ideas to create your own book nook. [Homes and Gardens]


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