1. The science of metabolism and how the human metabolism has evolved to the point where how we eat and expend our calories is more important than all of our collective obsession with what to eat. [NPR]


2. Some good advice on getting smarter about dividing up your workday. [Your friends Guide to Entrepreneurship]


3. A fascinating explanation of  ‘the twisties’, a term that’s come up with Simon Biles decision to pull out of the women’s final in the Olympics. [Kottke]


4. 6 essential things to know before using retinol and retinoids. [Vogue]


5. A very informative guide on different ear piercing placements and their healing time. [Mind Body Green]


6.  An exploration into why we sweat. [Outside Online]


7. How to cook with plant based meat. [Cook’s Illustrated]


8. ‘People loved to write down their tasks. But that didn’t seem to help with completing them.’ – from

Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don’t, an article I felt in my bones. [Wired]


9. The 5 different types of magnesium and when to use them. [Well + Good]

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