1. Set aside a few hours to read and implement this lengthy guide to optimizing your iphone. I’ve done some of the suggestions and still need to go back and do more. [Medium].


2. A 5 step guide to shaping your brows at home [Goop].


3. How to make your own yogurt at home, which is something I’ve wanted to do but am too scared tbh [Taste].


4. Tips for stress free hosting over the holidays [Hello Joburg].


5. Real advice on how to stick to a training program because there is no silver bullet and it’s hard [Outside Online].


6. “What they offer is an escape from tedium — a reason to take joy in food beyond the baseline requirements of existence. Where herbs are often chosen to complement and flatter the ingredients they adorn, spices call attention to themselves, transforming and sometimes even usurping a dish, so it becomes a mere vehicle and excuse for spice itself”. An interesting article on how spices have made and unmade empires, especially in light of current trends which see ancient spices, roots and herbs going viral [NY Times].


7. The secret to fluffy rice is rinsing it. The secret to making rice perfectly, as I’ve learnt, is an Instant Pot. But either way, rinse it first. [Bon Appetit].


8. What your pores can tell you about your skin [Into The Gloss].


9. Why healthy mental health doesn’t equate to being happy, nor should it [Vox].

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