1. “In these days of constant work and connection, taking time to do nothing is maybe one of the most difficult agenda items. But we’re continuing to discover that’s it’s more important than ever”. Here’s why we should do less not more [Outside Online]
  2. The food hacks that don’t actually work (really, I’ve tried most and the avo one is the worst!) [Bicycling]
  3. Scientists may have found a drug that can kill pain without causing addiction. It’s snail venom [NPR]
  4. This is how long your pantry staples last for [Greatist]
  5. 5 budget friendly and easy meals to make this week [Taste]
  6. How this company is making water from thin air. Yes water from air [Mind Body Green]
  7. If you haven’t updated your iPhone to iOs 11, this article will make you not want to update it. Ever [Medium]
  8. How to stay healthy while travelling according to the experts [Well and Good]
  9. How to take 8 days leave in 2018 and be away from the office for 17 consecutive days, you may want to put in notice before anyone else does [Good Things Guy]
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