1. The upside of being a late bloomer. [Harvard Business Review]


2. Some really good tips on taking care of sweaters. If you want tips on preventing moth holes check out these tips. [The Everygirl]


3. How to be a better traveler in a post lockdown world.  [CN Traveller]


4. What the KonMari method of cleaning can teach us about impulse buying, decluttering, and finding joy at home. A method Feige wrote about here. [Goop]


5. Deciem (the company that sells the ordinary) have started something called the skintellectual series. Their first one is all about congestion and it’s a pretty cool way to explain different skin issues. [Deciem]


6. How to make money saving a habit. [Forbes]


7. How to celebrate your own wins, big and small. [Well + Good]


8. “What is the best, really, and even if we can define it, is it really essential to have “the best” of everything?” An enjoyable and somewhat thought provoking read on not believing every rating/review and trying things no matter the rating. It’s something Feige and I often discuss every time we try something raved about that we think is “meh” and anytime we share a review knowing that it is all very subjective. When we do share reviews/products we always explain why we liked or didn’t like something to make it easier for someone reading it to make their own decision instead of a blanket “isn’t for me” “hated it” “loved it”. But as the article ends of… go with your gut and enjoy things regardless of ratings. [Outside Online]


9. 9 easy projects to relax and recharge. [Food52]

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