1. 1000km across a country, 70m up, 70m down. Earlier this year Ryan Sandes and Ryno Greisel set out to cross the Great Himalayas Trail in the fastest known time. This 31 minute short film called “Lessons from the edge” is a visual story of their journey, from frostbite, to injuries, to the euphoria of finishing. [Redbull]
  2. How the Squatty Potty pushed to change the way we poop; plus a history of toilets and bowel movements [The Gaurdian]. Ps. if you’re looking for a Squatty Potty you can get one here
  3. How to fall asleep in two minutes [Independent]
  4. How to manage social anxiety [goop]
  5. Things to do this December in Joburg [Hello Joburg]
  6. Why it’s impossible to run 100 meters faster than 9 seconds [Wired]
  7. 6 exercises to release tight shoulders and improve your posture [Mind Body Green]
  8. Another reason to reduce your use of plastic? Mounting evidence is showing that the plastic leaching into our food is harmful to us [Vox]
  9. The skincare ingredient to look out for if you want younger looking skin [The Cut]
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