1. Two more things to add to the list of why you should exercise – it helps people socialize and accomplish more, according to this latest study. [Wall Street Journal]
  2. Figuring out which one of these 4 weight loss personalities you are can help you lose more weight by motivating yourself correctly. [Women’s Health]
  3. This is how skinny Tour de France riders really are. [Outside Online]
  4. Fitbit is just the beginning when it comes to wearable technology. These 8 start-ups are creating some of the coolest tech wearables including a pair of yoga leggings that vibrate when you do a pose incorrectly. [Inc]
  5. The Best Instagram workouts. [Refinery29]
  6. An app called UGOMYWAY is allowing Capetonians to find people to carpool with [Good Things Guys]
  7. Replace your rice with quinoa to make these Quinoa Veggie sushi rolls [Healthy Girl with a Sweet Tooth]
  8. How to be extremely productive without being extremely exhausted takes lessons from pro athletes and applies them to everyday life. It’s a lesson in changing your mind set from go, go, go to go hard, rest, go hard and – why not all “rest” is equal. [Science of Us]
  9. The secret to making really good veggie burgers and a recipe for a zucchini polenta one [Mind Body Green]
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