1. What the experts think food and nutrition will look like in 50 years [Outside Online].
  2. A really good review of Beyond the Pill, a book by Dr Jolene Brighten. If it’s a topic relevant to you, read it and then listen to her interview on the Mind Body Green podcast [FitMetalHead].
  3. How to train yourself to like healthier options [Mind Body Green].
  4. Max hart rate training myths debunked [Runner’s World].
  5. Knife skills to master and the only 3 knives your kitchen needs [Food52].
  6. A privacy experiment that revealed what happens on your iPhone doesn’t always stay on your Iphone [Washington Post].
  7. How many steps do you really need to take every day to boost longevity? It’s a lot less than you think [NPR].
  8. How to use eggshells in your garden [Gardenista].
  9. A Q&A with a dermatologist which includes the answers to how to choose a dermatologist, the questions to ask, what to do for acne & aging; and treatments that work [Goop].



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