1. “Mental health and well-being isn’t limited to food alone. However, rediscovering the indigenous foods that have traveled down generations in my family, and placing intention on my habits and health, was a crucial part of my recovery—and effectively a homecoming to myself.” – from this essay on mental health, eating to nourish your body and rediscovering childhood ingredients. [Food52]


2. If you enjoyed Shawshank Redemption or Prison Break, you need to read this insane long read on the secrets of the world’s greatest jailbreak artist. [GQ]


3. Why Botox is becoming more popular now. [Vogue]


4. Netflix is rolling out a new feature to help end decision fatigue on what to watch. This long read goes into detail on how they develop and test new features like this one. If you’re looking for something to watch, check out Amy’s monthly column Netflix and Chill. If learning the inner working of Netflix is interesting to you, pick up a copy of No Rules Rules by co-founder of Netflix Reed Hastings, which I reviewed here. [Vulture]


5. I’m not languishing, I’m dormant is a fantastic follow up to the article I shared in last week’s links (and one that was doing the rounds on social media) on languishing as the blah feeling many are experiencing. The whole article is good but this line is particularly good … ‘It is a mistake and a misreading of nature to think that you, a living creature, will be flourishing all the days of your life.’ [Austin Kleon]

6. How to make hard-boiled eggs that are actually easy to peel. [Bon Appetit]


7. ‘There are really only two ways that time can be truly “wasted”: when you engage in something that crowds out more productive or edifying activities, and when you deliberately engage in something that, on balance, you don’t actually even like.’ – from How to Stop Spending Your Time on Things You Hate.  [The Atlantic]


8. How to raise kids who are flexible and resilient. [CNBC]


9. 5 foods to add to your water to make it even more hydrating. [Mind Body Green]

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