1. Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve engaged in fubbing and been a victim of it. I know I am a repeat a offender. Defined as “the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention”, phubbing is a direct result of modern technology and changing interpersonal relationships for the worse. Read this and tell me you don’t want to switch on the phone and focus on what’s happening in front of you [Verily Mag]
  2. There’s a Jewish blessing “may you live till 120”. The oldest human known lived till 122. She was a French women named Jeanne Louise Calmet who lived from 1875 till 1997, witnessing the invention of radio and the internet! According to Nature Journal, the likelihood of anyone breaking that record is slim to none. This is why [Vox]
  3. Why South Africans are angry with 5fm [Good Things Guys]
  4. 3 new recipes for cauliflower [Mind Body Green]
  5. How to fix 9 common sleeping problems in one handy graphic [Greatist]
  6. An awesome guide to making smoothies, cause summers here! [Faithful to Nature]
  7. 99% of men are ignoring a crucial muscle that can impact your gym and running performance. Here’s how to strengthen it [Men’s Health]
  8. This is genius. A breakfast frittata sandwich made in a bundt pan [The Kitchn]
  9. The word depression is thrown around a lot and perhaps misused in certain circumstances. Winston Churchill called it “the black dog” because like a hunting dog, it would always be nipping at his heels, following him. This author opens up about depression and how he copes [Greatist]
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