1. Camille Heron is about to run her 100,000th mile and she shared her tips on recovery, nutrition and why women are better ultra-runners than men. Which reminded me of this interview Feige did with her after her Comrades win, which she noted at the time, her biggest running highlight. [Outside Online]


2. Who owns the term “millennial pink”, an interesting essay by the woman who coined the term…accidentally. [Vogue]


3. “History is unfolding every day, and every day people are at once trying to make sense of it and  prove that they are on the right side of it. Social media is one way to pay attention. But it isn’t the only way.” – from this thought piece on why you don’t need to post about every tragedy. [The Atlantic]


4. “Medicine tends to distrust symptoms that are hard to diagnose, hard to measure, and hard to treat. Nausea is all three.” – from Why are women who have extreme sickness in pregnancy told it’s all in their heads. [The Gaurdian]


5. Exactly how early you should get to the airport plus how to save time. [CN Traveller]


6. 3 ways to use a cake stand that have nothing to do with cake. [Food52]


7. How to be more confident. [The Every Girl]


8. Morning habits that should become part of your sleep routine. [Mind Body Green]


9. The way you slice steak affects how tender it is, this is the right way. [Cook’s Illustrated]

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