1. How to be a better listener [NY Times]
  2. Why some workouts leave you feeling more sore than others [Runner’s World]
  3. How to properly declutter your kitchen [The Kitchn]
  4. Today is International Women’s Day and the theme; Balance for better. Here are the top women’s issues that need more support [Clue]
  5. Is it possible to live without using the 5 big tech giants of the world (Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google). First you need to understand just how much they control, own and are intertwined with your everyday life. This author blocked each and every single one of them and here’s how that changed everyday tasks from sending emails to making payments to reading books [Gizmodo]
  6. Why you stress eat and how to stop [Refinery29]
  7. Virgin Atlantic flight attendants no longer have to wear skirts or makeup [Vox]
  8. How to do an omelette 5 ways [Taste]
  9. A bone marrow transplant has rendered the second person HIV free [NPR]
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