1. “My definition of self-care is different than anyone else’s definition, and that’s kind of the point,” Ms. Borges said. “There’s no one definition. It all comes down to how you take care of yourself in order to equip yourself with the tools you’ll need for your physical, mental and emotional health.” – A self-care article that’s about self-care not consumerism masked as self-care [New York Times].


2. 5 renovation mistakes to avoid [Domino].


3. I’ve never added water to a vinaigrette, but apparently it’s a game changer [The Kitchn].


4. How to make better nut butter at home, with some ideas of flavorings [Mind Body Green].


5. How to start a conversation [The Cut].


6. The best thing you can do for your spine is hang [Well + Good].


7. Every other day hot new skincare ingredients are popping up. Here’s a guide to 5 that you’re going to be seeing a lot [In The Gloss].


8. Strategies to help you commit to long-term goals [Thrive].


9. This is a delightful read on being a spectator at a marathon.

“At my most lost and cynical, I used to think running a marathon was a self-aggrandizing flex people pursued when their lives got boring. And it’s true that only some have the resources to train, but I now see this pursuit as proof of the human spirit. The willingness to stare down an immense challenge and then push through it. And for the rest of us: the desire to show up, screaming until our voices crack, armed with a genuine altruistic desire to see others reach their goals.”  [Man Repeller].

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