1. “When you talk about touch, there’s so many modalities to it: There’s different physical forces we sense, like temperature and mechanical force. There’s itch. There’s this [spectrum] of pleasant touch to noxious to painful.” – a Nobel laureate explains the sense of touch. [Vox]


2. The art of blooming late. [HBR]


3. Cool list of book recommendations – 21 authors on the books they can’t stop thinking about. [Shondaland] For more book recommendations click here.


4. A tip on boosting your daily happiness that actually makes sense. [Mother Untitled]


5. Studies show that vitamin and mineral supplements may make the COVID-19 vaccine more effective, especially in older people. [The Conversation].


6. The best kitchen countertop material according to the pros. [Food52]


7. A conversation with psychiatrist Anna Lembke on happiness, dopamine, and the delicate balance between pleasure and pain. [GQ]


8. 9 ways to get more energy. [The Chalkboard Mag]


9. The stretch to do to relieve foot pain. [Well + Good]

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