1. The story you didn’t know you need to read, the aftermath of late delivery email  a couch company sent to 204 customers. Except, instead of bcc’ing everyone, they were all cc’ed. Enjoy, “Dude, where’s my couch?” [The New Yorker]


2. An interesting long read on the virus, the vaccine and the dark side of wellness. [Harper’s Bazaar]


3. The cost of electricity is going up by 15% this month,  here’s an explanation of how to read your bill and reduce your costs. [Money Matters]


4. “What this did unexpectedly was refocus me, without even my conscious effort in doing so. It refocused me on what I had, as opposed to what I had lost…. Everything has a life span. I can look at this as the end of the world, apocalypse, but really, our worlds all end when we die. And in the meantime, I am alive, I am still here, and what can I do about it?” – an excerpt from this collection of stories from people reflecting on how Covid-19 changed their lives. [NY Times]


5. Want to get stronger in your workouts? Use the power of one method. [Well + Good]


6. Tips and tricks for doing an at home gel manicure. [Minky’s]


7. What disabled people want you to know. [The Huffington Post]


8. How running shoes have changed the sport. [Runner’s World]


9. Why goals don’t always need to be productive. [The Good Trade]

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