1. File under life skills: How to jump start  car battery [Digital Trends].
  2. Why you should focus not on your goals, but on the process of achieving your goals. An interesting look at the dangers of becoming to set on achieving big goals, instead of truly enjoying the process which can leave your more satisfied and accomplished no matter the outcome [The Cut].
  3. Cut the crap and focus on the basics, one mans advice to achieving wellness in a world that’s reach peak wellness [Outside Online].
  4. How to take charge of food cravings [The Chalkboard Magazine]
  5. Why kids have imaginary friends [The Atlantic].
  6. When giving up is a good thing [Well + Good].
  7. Kids lecture their parents on sharenting, the act of oversharing their lives on social media [NY Times].
  8. What is ghee aka clarified butter [Bon Appetit].
  9. How to pack a carry on like a flight attendant [Thrillist].
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