1. Adidas is busy making porotypes of a new generation of sneakers using Biosteel. A material that with the edition of an enzyme will completely break down in 36 hours, enables consumers to recycle old pairs at home. [FastCo Exist]
  2. Knowledge is power. Or is it? New research shows that knowing you are predisposed to genetic diseases like Diabetes doesn’t make people take preventative measure or live healthier. [NY Times]
  3. The gift wrapping hack you need to watch before wrapping your presents [Refinery29]
  4. How to make your running shoes last longer [Runners World]
  5. How to use Google Maps to customise Your Holiday [Travelstart]
  6. PMS is an actual condition, so let’s stop asking if it’s a figment of a women’s imagination and start finding a cure. [Vox]
  7. The 3 phases of going vegan [Women’s Health]
  8. 10 of the most popular run-bike-swim workouts [Triathlete]
  9. Just about everyone’s done with 2016; but before you say goodbye look at back at these 16 reasons 2016 was that bad [Good Things Guy]
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