1. “Allow yourself some time during your morning where you can work on what is most important to you without letting the rest of the world dictate your mental state.” – why you shouldn’t check your emails in the morning. [James Clear]
  2. Feeling stressed? Here’s what you can do now to destress. [Self]
  3. I have no less than 3 rinds of Parmesan sitting in my fridge waiting for me to use them. If you too don’t want to throw them out because they should be used here’s some ideas. [Food52]
  4. An interesting take on Holocaust survivor, Victor Frank’s memoir – A Man’s Search for Meaning. [Vox]
  5. How to slow down time. [Goop]
  6. How to make stir-fry that’s crispy not soggy. [Taste]
  7. How Many Clothes Should We Own? [Vogue]
  8. A colorful splash of home decor inspiration. [Clever]
  9. The 5 best bagel spots in Joburg, but if you ask me it’s Bagel Zone and the haloumi-veg bagel. [Minky’s]
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