1. “Somewhere in the world, people are looking forward to drinking sangria in the sun and elsewhere in the world, other people are clinging to life. This has always been the nature of our planet, inequality has always existed, but Covid has highlighted it once again. Brought it acutely to the fore.” – from this blog post that expresses the current world so well. [Belinda Mountain]


2. A mandolin is one of those kitchen tools I never knew how wonderful it was until I got one. This article provides some great tips on using a mandolin slicer safely so you don’t end up cutting a finger. [Cook’s Illustrated]


3. Bookmark this South African road trip guide! Even if you can’t do it all in one go there are so many cool suggestions you can do separately and that I want to visit! [Getaway]


4. “You don’t just throw a loaf pan of banana bread batter into a cold oven. You preheat the oven first, then slide the pan in. Skipping that step could lead to results you’d never post on social media. Well, the same goes for your body before you start a workout: You need to warm up.” – possibly the best explanation of the importance of warming up before exercise. [Nike]


5.  4 strategies to avoid multi-tasking. [Fast Company]


6.  8 cooking mistakes preventing you from developing flavour. [Well+Good]


7. 10 genius recipes to add to your to make list. [Food52]



8. Why is it so hard to do something fore enjoyment’s sake? [The Gaurdian]


9. 3 new job interview questions companies are asking now. [Huffington Post]

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