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  6. We spent Sunday watching Comrades, during that 12 hours of viewing there were many a moment that stood out. The usual suspects like watching leads being overtaken, winners run across the finish line and cut off guns. these are the moments of the Comrades Marathon that made history [Runners World]

The moments that didn’t but made us look up from what we were doing were these:

–  The runner who had to repeat her goal time to the guy at the Coca Cola zone and in complete exasperation said “sub 10.30, I just said that I mean hello!”

– The other runner who told the guy at the Coca-Cola zone (who was clearly doing a stellar job) “I’m just going to go and finish now, k bye”

– The look on Camille Herron’s face throughout the entire race. Was that pain, happiness, confusion? Was she about to collapse? Turns out she felt like she had a pulled hamstring the entire race. She also drank two beers during the race.

– Camille Herron’s hair. She wore her shoulder-length locks down and they flew behind her like a cape the entire run. It was glorious. I wondered if it helped create a draft. I’m considering running hair elastic free.

–  One of top 10 men (I think it was Ludwick Mamabola) dancing across the finish line. Dancing like he just finished a casual 5km.

– The guy who proposed at the finish line. The answer was yes, only an evil person would say no to a man who has just run 87km with a ring and a banner on national TV.

–  The most dramatic win ever, when Camille Herron thought the finish line was not the finish line and stopped to walk, talk and high five spectators. It took a tap on the shoulder from some very kind runner for her to click and get her sprint on to win. The same thing happened to Sarah Bard who came 6th. You’ve got to wonder what American finish lines look like.

7. Millennials are an obsessed generation – avocados, memes, Harry Potter… and self-care. Never before has a generation been so obsessed with self-care is this a form of self-absorption or are millennials the most emotionally intelligent generation? [NPR]

8. The internet is littered with articles based on routines of top achievers, most rubbish. Not this one, four things top performers do every day doesn’t list 10 minutes of meditation, to do lists, a coffee or a cold shower. It is general themes which people adapt to fit their life. And the end is the catch – it’s not about the routine, it’s sticking to the routine [Outside Online]

9. 6 things to do with carrots [ Taste]

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  • Camille
    September, 11, 2017

    Hahaa, just now seeing this! To answer your questions- I’m a smiley person and was trying to smile :D! It’s sorta hard to smile though when you’re running fast, squinting into the sun, and breathing hard! I’ve run with my hair down for 17 years, so it’s what I’m comfortable with. Having 2 timing mats is definitely NOT normal anywhere in the world, let alone putting an arch there, handing the top runners a rose/baton, and expecting us to run with objects in our hands. Plus, we couldn’t see the actual finish cause it was around the corner. The whole situation was unusual. I hope the race minimizes the confusion next yr! Thanks for following along– what an emotional and life changing experience. I’m looking forward to coming back! Cheers, 🙂 Camille

    • Zissy Lewin
      September, 19, 2017

      Thanks so much for commenting Camille and setting the facts straight 🙂 You were awesome to watch and are an incredible athlete! Looking forward to watching your return!