1. I need to try this viral hack for making any pan nonstick. [Bon Appetit]
  2. The do’s and don’ts of wearing SPF. [Vogue]
  3. One for the Swifties: Why Taylor Swift is a literary giant – by a Shakespeare professor. [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  4. Wellness tips from astronauts. [Allure]
  5. 11 inexpensive things designers always bring back from travels. [Apartment Therapy]
  6. Is therapy speak making us selfish? [Bustle]
  7. 7 financial tips for beginners on how to get your finances in order. [IOL]
  8. 10 habits that make you look older. [GQ]
  9. “Sleep and rest are not the same. Sleep is a physiological need; your survival depends on it. But we could go an entire lifetime without intentionally resting.” – from these 5 myths about rest and the different types you need. [The Chalkboard Mag]
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