1. 5 Valuable Visa tips to know before your next trip [Travel with Lamb]
  2. This is South Africa’s healthiest city according to the 2017 Discovery Vitality ObeCity Index [Runners World]
  3. Some of the new emojis coming to an apple device near you later this year [Good Things Guy]
  4. October is marked on the Health Calendar as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aside from regular self-examinations and mammograms when needed, part of looking after your boobs is putting them in the correct support every day. 85% of women wear the wrong bra size, something that not only means your clothes don’t fit quite right but can also cause back and shoulder pain. If you want to figure out how bra sizing works and find your right fit click here [ Lara Intimates]
  5. There’s not a continent on planet earth without sexual harassment. Let that statement sink in and then read this which proves that even in the most remote places on earth women are subject to sexual harassment [Vox]
  6. Why you shouldn’t drink alcohol when you’re on anti-biotics [Refinery29]
  7. The easiest way to poach an egg. Also the coolest [Taste]
  8. 7 wellness hacks from a ballerina [Well + Good]
  9. 9 recipes if you’re following a Ketogenic or LCHF diet [Greatist]
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