1. Four. That’s how many cups of coffee it’s safe to drink a day. Unless it’s Black Insomnia Coffee, then it’s just one [The Atlantic]
  2. 4 South African Olympic Rowers are getting the National Order of Ikhamanga, a presidential reward for achievements in arts, culture, literature, music, journalism and sport. [CN&CO]
  3. 7 Genius storage tricks [Refinery29]
  4. Lessons from a social media fast [W24]
  5. A green sauce that goes with everything. Just please use parsley and not cilantro [Bon Apetit]
  6. If you have this personality trait, you literally see the world differently. [Science of Us]
  7. The ingredients that determine the colour of your beer [Food52]
  8. Last Saturday was Earth Day, here’s 7 things we learnt since last year including the maybe sort of entire new continent [Vox]
  9. The stretches to do if you’ve got tight hamstrings [PopSugar]
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