1. The full unedited version of Dr Ross Tucker’s views on how the war against carbohydrates has been conducted in South Africa. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, this article sheds light on the issues of extremism and over simplifying something that cannot be generalised [The Sport Scientist].
  2. On the topic of extreme ideas and over simplification, another must read is this plea from Adam Bornstein to Tracy Anderson to simply stop. Stop selling myths about fitness (ladies, don’t use weights or you’ll bulk up), weight loss (a diet plan consisting of 700 calories per day) and nutrition (yogurt, tomatoes and strawberries cause allergies). [Medium]
  3. How many times have you Googled an ailment? And how many times have you been redirected to a WebMD page? This journalist dug through their site and consulted Doctors to find out how accurate WebMD actually is and how much its ties with pharmaceutical companies influence its content [Vox]
  4. This is what fruit and vegetables looked like before we domesticated them [NY Magazine]
  5. Caroline Wostmann blogs about her Two Oceans Marathon win including how she put her top the wrong way on [Caroline Wostmann]. Want to know the secrets behind here breakout success? Read this
  6. Yes sugar is bad for you. But if you have to choose, what’s best – sugar, honey or sweeteners [Health24]
  7. In a new BBC series Sugar v Fat, two identical twin brothers go against each other to see who will lose the most weight. One brother goes on a low-fat diet and the other a low-carb diet. At the end they discover neither is perfect or very sustainable [Daily Mail]
  8. Facebook released its latest feature to enable blind people to enjoy and get use out of Facebook much like a person with vision would. Using Artificial Intelligence, their latest feature VoiceOver provides accurate descriptions of everything on your feed [Refinery29]
  9. How to clean greasy kitchen walls, backsplashes, and cupboards. Hint: it uses ingredients you already have on hand!
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