1. Think you’re too old to start something new? 105 year old Robert Marchand only started cycling once he retired. Prior to that, he had never done regular exercise. Not only has he broken world records, he is more aerobically fit than most 50-year-olds and is getting fitter as he gets older. [NY Times]
  2. New Brain science indicates that “mind wandering” can help manage anxiety [Harvard Health]
  3. One of the hottest new restaurants in the world as named by CNN is located in Cape Town [Good Things Guy]
  4. A flourless muffin recipe, sans the expensive fancy flours [A dieticians Diary]
  5. Ignorance is bliss. Literally, when it comes to understanding the reckless abandon of teens [Fast Co Exist]
  6. 5 Body odours you should never ignore [Bicycling]
  7. The various reasons some people pee more than others [Huffington Post]
  8. The best way to get chocolate stains out of everything. Cause that type of happiness shouldn’t be ruined by a spill [The Kitchn]
  9. The case against specialising when it comes to fitness comes in the form of a 48 year old guy who’s one of the most fittest in the world and can be summed up as “Train to be good at any physical task life throws at you” [Men’s Health]
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