1. “When I’m in a hot box or in an ice-cold body of water, my body doesn’t worry about the future or the past, how it looks or whether it is loved. The body just is.” – from this piece on a group of women who cold-plunge, which I obviously adored. [NY Times]
  2. How to sterilise canning jars. [Food52]
  3. If you love food, here’s some food related shows to watch. I’m currently watching Bear which tbh I’m neither loving nor hating, yet still watching. [Bon Appetite]
  4. 7 ways to spend less because life is expenny. [22Seven]
  5. 8 tricks to make your clothes last longer. [The Every Girl]
  6. How to wash dishes when there’s no running water, useful if you traveling in a van or you know live in South Africa. [Apartment Therapy]
  7. Laughed at this list of reasons not to date an Everest Climber, especially after reading My Journey to the top of the World. [Outside Online]
  8. Using this for the cleanest feeling teeth and the added benefits of prebiotics.
  9. Default tech settings you should switch off so you don’t share more data than you need to. [NY Times]
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