1. Living forever wouldn’t be good for a species. That’s why these scientists have a theory that cancer may be an evolutionary safeguard to protect our species. They also said that “a universal and radical solution to the problem of cancer is unlikely to be developed in the near future.” [Fast Co Exist[
  2. At what point does being healthy become too healthy? [Caralishious]
  3. We communicate with more than just words; but non-verbal signals are often missed. A psychiatrist has developed an app that helps mental health experts detect depression and suicidal thoughts in teen speech. The technology relies on an understanding of “thought markers” which indicate a person’s state of mind based on things like reduced vowel space. [Quartz]
  4. 5 Mistakes you’re making with over the counter medication [Men’s Health]
  5. A visual guide to coffee drinks so next time you want a cuppa you know what to ask for [Greatist]
  6.  A step-by-step guide on how to make your own homemade nut milk [Sarah Graham]
  7. 3 Hacks to make every meal healthier [Refinery29]
  8. These layered berry smoothie chia puddings are the prettiest chia puddings I’ve seen [Baking Ginger]
  9. This was written in relation to the current protests happening over America since Trump was elected president. While we’re all oversaturated with political dramas, there’s relevance to this piece. It discusses why some protests fail why others succeed. Given the protests happening back home, specifically the Fees Must Fall protests, it’s an interesting look into what the point of protesting really is [Science of Us]
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