1. A ground-breaking study has revealed 72 new breast cancer gene variations. This can help earlier detection and better treatment [Science Alert]
  2. The dual gender violence prevention programme “No Means No Worldwide” is teaching young girls to stand up for themselves and teaching young boys to respect women in their society. [Good Things Guy]
  3. f brains and brawn were in battle who would win? According to the latest research, brains. Intense thinking together with intense exercise causes a decrease in both your mental and physical performance, but it’s the body that takes the greater knock – not the brain [NY Times]
  4. The difference between massages from Swedish to hot stone to sports [Very Well]
  5. Chocolate addicts try these double fudge vegan protein brownies [Sugar Free Sundays]
  6. What to do if you notice a lump in your breasts [Womens Health]
  7. One minute Up-dos when it’s too hot to cope [Refinery29]
  8. What you need to know about the new whatsapp live location feature. In the article they mention it being rolled out in India, however if you go into your app store and check for updates you will see the new live location update under Whatsapp [Tech News]
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