1. ” Running’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other. Our reproductive organs have no bearing on the matter. Except, you know, they do” Is there a difference in the way men and women run? Maya Singer discusses how gender affects running, female centric running events and the notion that each run gives you something else. [District Vision]
  2. ICYMI there’s a drought and everyone’s been urged to reduce their water usage. One way to do is bath less. Say what? Scientifically speaking our modern bathing habits of lathering, soaping and scrubbing are overrated. Also medieval folks believed bathing would let the devil into you. [Outside Online]
  3. The more stressed you are, the more it’s important not to miss your daily workout. It’s science. [The Science of Us]
  4. Why and when you should be foam rolling. [Trainer Hinton]
  5. I have a bright yellow Garmin t-shirt that says “If you see me collapse, pause my Garmin”. I laugh. Cause it’s True. Pausing your GPS watch during breaks in your run is all fun and games until you realise the race clock stops for no one’s bathroom break. [Runner’s World]
  6. Making headlines this week was the news of a male contraceptive injection that was found to be effective in preventing pregnancy. However, the side effects (depression, irregular heartbeat) caused a bunch of the participants to drop out of the study, causing the study to shut down. [NY Times]
  7. What your gut has to do with your sleep. [Mind Body Green]
  8. What you need to know about the State Capture Report In 12 points. [Good Things Guy]
  9. How to Kick the All-or-Nothing Approach to Fitness and Nutrition. Balance, it’s all a balance. [Greatist]
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