1. Imagine taking photos at the blink of your eye. Literally. In a couple of years that might just be the reality. Sony, Samsung and Google have all filed patents for smart contact lenses. Whilst detail are uncertain, the notion of being able to capture images with your eyes and share them is not too far off [Refinery29]
  2. 10 best cooking tips from Gordon Ramsey. Useful tips like chopping herbs so they don’t lose their goodness. Ripening fruit fast, cutting bell peppers and how to see if that pineapple is ready to be eaten [You Tube]
  3. I’m a huge believer that healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank. Bone broth is making the rounds, but this humble dish has been around for years. This is how to make broth, how to serve it and why it’s good for your body and budget [Yuppie Chef]
  4. Yesterday was international nurse’s day. Today we’re peaking into their medicine cabinets. Here’s what 5 nurses always have on hand [Huffington Post]
  5. In my school days I was a serial highlighter user. All my notes were highlighted, colour coded of course. Except for yellow. I never highlighted anything in yellow except for headings. I read somewhere that your brain doesn’t remember things in yellow and so I never took that risk. Armchair linguist Nick Lum has developed technology which renders sentences in a color gradient. The pattern enhances the speed at which you read, allowing you to take in more information and be more engaged. In an era of attention deficits, the new text will not be black and white. [The Atlantic]
  6. Starbucks just came to South Africa, but that doesn’t mean the coffee industry is doing well. Increasing temperatures in parts of Brazil and Central America are harming the ability to grow Arabica – the most popular type of coffee – which is grown in those regions. Experts are saying that quality will come down as prices increase [Technology Review]
  7. 5 reasons you can’t run faster and what you can do to eliminate those issues [Runner’s World]
  8. A while back there was a story in the New York Times that said that 1 minute of all-out exercise may be as beneficial as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can switch out all your training for a set of 1 minute intervals. Aside from the risk of injury and boredom, when it comes to training for anything that involves endurance (like a half marathon or ultra), you need to log the kilometres and time to reap the rewards [Outside Online]
  9. Warm up with this celery and butter bean tomato soup [Ben’s Kitchen Blog]
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