1. Hands up if you’ve ever followed the 5 second rule. Now put them back down and click on this. Yes researchers dropped numerous foods on numerous surfaces to disprove the rule (although if you drop something dry on a carpet the rule’s basically valid) [MNT]
    2. September is heart awareness month. These are the signs of heart disease you should never ignore [GetSavvi]
    3. If you’re looking to change careers you may want to consider a career as a Master Sommelier. Aside from getting to sniff and taste wine all day you’ll also become more resistant to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s [Eater]
    4. This is what using the new iphone 7 is really like [Refinery29]
    5. This workout series will help your running speed and efficiency [Triathlete]
    6. If you can’t drink 8 glasses of water a day. Drink these foods [Vox]
    7. The body positive movement is thriving. More and more we’re acknowledging that exercise is not just about how it makes you look but how it makes you feel; we’re saying no to Photoshop and embracing cellulite, stretchmarks and wrinkles. But that’s just women. The male fitness industry is hugely lacking in body positive writing which is due to women being more comfortable with “oversharing” when it comes to feelings. This article highlights the difference between female and male fitness articles and asks why men can’t take the lead from women and be more body positive [Greatist]. While we agree with that, we have been lucky to have a few men who’ve written for us and shared more than shredded abs, those pieces can be found here and here. And if you’re a guy who wants to see or write more male centric body positive articles email us here.
    8. An open letter to Sunette Viljoen, who won a silver medal at Rio, came home and was brave enough to call out a system that stifles its athletes [Sport Scientist]
    9. 10 no-cook crowd pleasers to bookmark for when it gets too hot to cook [taste]


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