1. Caster Semenya has undoubtedly been the one of the most talked about Female athletes at the Rio Olympics. She missed gold in 2012, losing to Mariya Savinova who has since been banned for life by the World Anti-doping agency. This year, not only is Caster a favourite to win, many are predicting she’ll break a 33 year old world record. An achievement that may end her career as Tom Fordyce explains in this piece [BBC Sport]
  2. Everything you need to know to become an avocado aficionado [Suzelle DIY/You Tube]
  3. Marijuana is becoming more mainstream, there are posts about marijuana tampons that apparently cure cramps and it’s something that is said to be good for athletes. This endurance athlete started using marijuana instead of the anti-inflammatory usually used, with better results. Would you ever try it? [Mind Body Green]
  4. To feed the entire Olympic village for just one meal it takes 250 tons of raw ingredients. This amount of food means that there’s bound to be a mountain of wastage. This is how Italian chef Massimo Bottura has turned that waste into meals for the homeless [NY Times]
  5. These Blueberry Oatmeal Superfood Bars look delicious [Torie Alexander]
  6. Why you should never take a painkiller (even Panado) before working out [Men’s Health]
  7. 7 100 calorie snacks [All4women]
  8. A new study out of Germany is showing that oldest children are smarter than their siblings (the difference is 1.5 IQ points). Cue every other child worldwide disagreeing. [Fast Co Exist]
  9. 6 types of breast lumps that aren’t cancer. An important read before your monthly self breast exam [Refinery29]
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