1. It’s best to just embrace the ultra-running talk that’s going to hit you over the next 10 months (Comrades Entries are open!). Let’s start with something practical for all runners. 8 tips for successful long runs, because even shorter distance runners should be incorporating some longer runs into their routine [Runner’s world]
  2. I love white sneakers, but they have attracted more dirt than any other pair I own. This is how to keep white sneakers box fresh. [The Coveteur]
  3. The 10 timeless fitness laws [Outside online]
  4. Another reason to eat more fruits and veg. Men who eat more fruits and vegetables are more attractive to women who describe their scent as “floral, fruity and having medicinal qualities” [Fast Co Exist]
  5. Does vegetarianism or veganism affect your cycle? Well it depends. Clue breaks down the effects of your diet on cycle, sex drive and pms [Medium]
  6. Must make asap this red quinoa and roasted beet salad [A foodie Lives here]
  7. This is where Sriracha came from and why you see it everywhere (the name was never trademarked) [HuffPost]
  8. Baby Avocados are a thing. And they’re ridiculously cute [Tasting Table]
  9. If you were bad at sports at school, this study may explain why [Vox]
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