1. SAIDS confirmed that there was no doping in this year’s Comrades, but no runners’ blood was tested. This is why endurance athletes don’t get blood tests after races [Runner’s World]
  2. 7 one pot chicken dinners for nights you don’t want to wash up [Greatist]
  3. The devastating effects of the El Nino-induced drought has left many countries in Africa, including South Africa unable to meet their water requirements. A Conglomerate of companies have joined forces to launch a ground-breaking system using cutting-edge technology to provide safe and clean water to areas that need it [Good Things Guy]
  4. Your smartphone emits a blue light which enables you to read what’s on the screen even during the brightest part of that day. That light never adjusts itself according to the time of day and it’s not only emitted by your smartphone. You laptop, TV and other devices emit the same blue light. This is what that blue light is doing to your brain and body [Collective Evolution]
  5. DIY bath salts, cause it’s winter and you should be taking long hot baths [Grace Charlotte]
  6. Your workouts may be sabotaging your metabolism, here’s how to prevent that [Well + Good]
  7. Should you really be following the 5 second rule?[Refinery29]
  8.  Three types of over speed training to do to train your legs to move faster [Triathlete]
  9. Only a small fraction of bees do the pollinating so crucial for our food supply. There’s still plenty reason to conserve the species that aren’t pollinating. This is what what bees can teach us about the real value of protecting nature that goes beyond monetary values [Vox]
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