1. This year’s Comrades was unquestionably the most dramatic Comrades Marathon ever in recent history. David Gatebe won in 5 hours 18 minute, breaking a record which in itself is incredible but when you consider that he had never run a sub 6 hour Comrades before Sunday it is even more incredible. But perhaps, what the Comrades 2016 will become known for, is the performance of Caroline Wostmann, as she fought on (where most runners would have quit) to a stumbly, shaky, mesmerizing and absolutely beautiful 2nd place finish. This is the tale of two Superhuman efforts [Kona 2027]
  2. If you find yourself perplexed by the ever increasing number of acronyms, the GOAT guide to the acronyms you pretend to know will become your saviour [The Skimm] and it’s Greatest of All Time FYI
  3. 4 Signs it’s time for new running shoes [Triathlete]
  4. It’ s always fascinating to have a glimpse at what goes into creating products that you use. When It comes to apps and technology, it’s even more so. What seems simple is often hiding complicated algorithms and hidden features. Lorenza Cercelletta, app designer at Clue discusses the relationship between time and design and how designing a good app is not dissimilar to designing a good chair. Whether or not you use Clue, it’s an interesting look into the thought and design that goes into creating a good app [Medium]
  5. 10 simple ways to upgrade roasted broccoli [The Kitchn]
  6. Travel the world while doing races, these are the 6 runcations you should save up for [Women’s Health]
  7. Over the past decade there have been 4 global health emergencies. Two of them – the Ebola and Zika Viruses – have occurred in the past two years. Outbreaks have become more common due to these 4 factors. Good news is we’re getting better at stopping them [Vox]
  8. A super Kale Smoothie, perfect for rushed mornings [Baking Ginger]
  9. Foam rolling has mad benefits. From easing sore muscles, correcting muscle imbalance, increasing range of motion and preventing injury. Before you take out that foam rolling this is how to foam roll like a pro [Greatist]
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