1. Adult colouring books are all the rage and like everything else they’ve gone mobile. This app turns your phone into a colouring book for those moments you need to relax [Greatist]
  2. We shared 5 tips for making this Sunday’s Cape Town Cycle Tour your best yet. If you still have questions check out these answers to things like how much water to drink, spare tubes to carry and getting the benefits of drafts [Bicycling]
  3. Last week, we learnt that Facebook embraced emoji-like emotions in addition to the standard like button. This comes as emoji popularity reaches a peak. Gone are the days of just using emojis in texts, you can buy them as pillows, cookie cutters and stickers. But is the rise of the emoji limiting our ability to communicate [Ati2ud]
  4. Slow-cookers are a busy person’s best kitchen tool. Throw in food, turn on, come back 6 hours later and you have a meal. Simple right? Not exactly. Slow cookers come in many sizes and most recipes assume you’re using a medium sized slow cooker. Follow these two rules and you can adapt any recipe to the size of your slow cooker [The Kitchn]. In our e-book [available here], we have a slow-cooker recipe. We used a large slow-cooker to make it, but because there are so few ingredients and very little liquid you can use even a small slow-cooker without adjusting the recipe.
  5. Bad breath. No one wants it and no one wants to tell someone else they have it. Turns out, you can’t tell if your breathe stinks because you’re so used to it; so you actually need someone to tell you. Aside from brushing and flossing, these 6 things can affect your breath; number 6 is the most surprising! [Self]
  6. Most of us love to indulge in a bit of a complain session. There’s nothing like a vent to air your emotions and make you feel better. Or so you think. Steeping yourself in negatively has seriously terrible consequences for your mental and physical health. This can be through negative thoughts or just being around people who are constantly complaining [Inc]
  7. It’s all too easy to take for granted the ‘small things’ like running water, electricity – both things the majority of South Africans have experienced going without (load shedding, water restrictions). A bike race in the Sabie made this rider stop and reflect on the small things that make a huge difference [CN&CO]
  8. Children aren’t known for their love of fruits and veg. Make your kids love them with these 9 science-backed ways to raise your kids to love fruits and veg [Mind Body Green]
  9. Smart phones may be useful and wonderful, but they’re also making us ruder. If these 5 bad habits sound familiar you may want to put down the phone every once in a while and go off the grid [HuffPost Healthy Living]
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