1. There’s a comradery in South African running races you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Strangers will run as one, stop and help a fellow runner and encourage the person next to them to get to the finish line. At this year’s Two Oceans Marathon journalist Michael Vlismas discovered who South Africans truly are [All 4 Women]
  2. Most Biggest Loser contestant fail to keep the pounds off after the show. A new study sheds light on how their bodies fight to get them back to their starting weight. An explanation on why so many people fail to keep the weight off [NY Times]
  3. Food may be universal but dining etiquettes are not. In some countries it’s rude to bring your host an even number of flowers or leave a spoon in a tea cup. In others you should always leave some of your food on your plate. Before you embark on your next travel – brush up on these dining etiquette tips [Town and Country Mag]
  4. 10 Brunch ideas for mother’s day. The Apple Pecan Crumble Muffins and Heuvos Rancheros are speaking to us! [Nomu]
  5. Trail Runner Christiaan Grey is going one step more than just giving to a worthy cause. He’s putting himself in the shoes of the people he’s raising awareness and funds for, for an entire week. To bring attention to the many South Africans who are living without transport and comfortable homes this winter, he will be sleeping on Table Mountain for a week and run to and back from work every day [The Good Things Guy]
  6. 25 Runners Share the Biggest Mistakes They Made as Beginners [Greatist]
  7. How to really clean your bike and make your rides more pleasant [Equinox]
  8. It’s crazy to ride a bike from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg and then run Comrades once. Why would you do it again? The Jabuview with returning Unogwaja Miguel Netto explains why it’s more than worth the sacrifices [Sports24seven]
  9. E-cigarettes are a relatively new thing and there are debates as to whether they’re a solution to smoking or a new health crisis waiting to explode. Here’s what the evidence actually says and what we don’t know yet [Vox]
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