1. The case for greeting every runner and thanking every volunteer at your next race (or daily run). “Lifting others up can lift you up too. It’s not just psychological, but in how physiology responds to stress. Uplifting emotions may improve running economy. Affirmations reduce cortisol and stress. Even adaptation processes on the cellular level may be improved by a positive neurophysical context” [Trail Magazine].
  2. How our brains trick us into making bad decisions [Vox].
  3. The best way to cook beans [Taste].
  4. How to speak to someone who’s suffering. Good advice from a cancer patient who believes that bad things happen to good people and not everything needs a reason to happen [The Atlantic].
  5. Mindfulness is in, routines key to a successful life, multi-tasking a no-no. But what if it’s not? Some people thrive in chaos not calm. Writer, Taffy Brodesser-akner explains how she strives in stress and has learnt that it’s ok to do life on her terms [Real Simple].
  6. A group of Zimbabwean women known as the “akashinga” “brave ones” survived abuse and exploitation. They’re now trained to protect wildlife [National Geographic].
  7. 4 key changes to make to reverse negative self-talk and body image [Mind Body Green].
  8. If you love hummus, here’s how to turn it plus 4 other ingredients into a meal [The Kitchn].
  9. Is instagram therapy helpful or harmful? [Man Reppeller].
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