1. There have been mixed feelings about “the kiss of death” TV ad. The ad features two young people who meet at a party, fall in love and each time they are about to kiss are interrupted. They then get into a car with 2 other people. Everyone expect the young man buckles up. An accident is portrayed in slow motion. The young man is flung from his seat, smashes into the lips of the young girl he’s fallen far and with that kiss, kills her. The punchline: An unbuckled passenger can kill and “No seatbelt, No Excuse”. It’s a shocking clip, which debuted just before the Easter weekend. Brendan Seeray explains why it’s brave, effective and just shocking enough [Biz Community]
  2. Next time you decide to add a houseplant to your home, consider getting one of these. Not only do they look great, but these 10 plants actually help clean the air around them [Brit + Co]
  3. Keep getting blisters in the exact same spot? This is how to prevent them before they pop up [Mens Health]
  4. This is how a 72 year old women survived for over a week in the Arizona wilderness by living off pond water and eating plants [People] Side note: Stories like this are why I never travel without snacks.
  5. A new app called Cell 411 is reshaping South Africa and personal safety [Good Things Guy]
  6. This is Marc Zuckerburgs 10 year plan for Facebook which people are calling a bid for world domination. These changes can be sorted into three pillars: Artificial Intelligence (like we saw last week with the Facebook’s changes to make it more accessible for visually impared users), connectivity and virtual and augmented reality [USA today]
  7. Tinder may be great for a casual fling, but if its lasting love you’re after look no further than Strava. According to Strava they’re notified of atleast two couples meeting through the app per year. If it’s not love you’re after, you can also meet you new FBF (fit best friend) [Outside Online]
  8. The trick to choosing healthier options when eating out [All4Women]
  9. A delicious way to use quinoa for breakfast in porridge. Must try, this cinnamon peach quinoa porridge [Baking Ginger]
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