1. “It didn’t occur to me that by being sustainable, we were respecting the abundance of what we now had, not the lack of it.” – from an essay titled “What my South Asian family taught me about sustainability”, I enjoyed reading it. [The Good Trade]


2. Acne through the Chinese Medicine Lens. [Lanshin]


3. Why endurance athletes feel less pain and it turns out is has more to do with the mind than anything physical. [Outside Online]


4. Places to go for a walk and coffee in Gauteng. [Minky’s]


5. “Depression comes out of the arse end of nowhere and not only takes away control – of who you are, of what you believe and what you see – but also the will to gain it back.” This is an incredibly raw and honest account of what depression feels like and what it took to come out the other end. [Vogue]


6. 7 ways to organise your kitchen so that it works for you. [Food52]


7. 52 stages of insomnia. [McSweeney’s]


8. Why you should foam roll your feet. [Mind Body Green]


9. Have you ever been a specific type of thirsty that water cannot quench? Or 40km into a run/race and craving coke… because of the saltiness… It’s because your brain creates two types of thirst one that responds to a decline in fluids (need water) and one that  monitors levels of salt and minerals (need sports drink or coke).[NPR]

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