1 “Instead of movies, users get served up an endless sequence of 15-second videos. Instead of symphonies, listeners hear bite-sized melodies, usually accompanied by one of these tiny videos—just enough for a dopamine hit, and no more. This is the new culture. And its most striking feature is the absence of Culture (with a capital C) or even mindless entertainment—both get replaced by compulsive activity.” – this status of culture is a must read. [The Honest Broker]

2 Donate your old Jeans and get 20% of your next pair of Levi jeans by participating in their clothes to good campaign. Details here [Levi’s]

3 If you struggle with excessive hair fall, your shampoo may be to blame. Adventure Lisa shares her experience and sulphate free recommendation over here. We are going to put it to the test! [Adventure Lisa]

4 “Clothes are our closest homes, our first layers of shelter. I guess most folks think they’re only worth investing in when there are strangers to impress. But I want to say that being inside, being alone, is important” – as someone who needs pajamas for different seasons and occasions, this speaks to me. [LA Times]

5 Everything you need to know about dry brushing. If you’re keen to give it a go, here’s a cute one to get. [Allure]

6 I watched the Idea of You and tbh, the trailor was nicer than the actual movie. However, Anne Hathaway’s character wardrobe was a stand out. Here’s the inspiration behind her ‘cool mom’ style. [Elle]

7 “Forget cardiovascular benefits and weight control; maybe the real life-extending power of exercise is the way it distorts your time perception.” Here’s why time moves slower during tough workouts. [Outside Online]

8 8 Taco ideas to inspire a taco & margarita night. [Food52]

9 Tips for staying hydrated if you hate drinking water. [Time]

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