1. “In order to learn well, you start with basic techniques and build on them. Julia’s not suggesting you don’t know how to make potato and leek soup; she just wants you to begin at the beginning” – love these lessons from the late Julie Powell on cooking Julia Child’s recipes for a year. [Bon Appetit]
  2. The biggest skincare trends on TikTok this year, rated by an expert. [Beauty South Africa]
  3. So many gems in Joe’s latest ‘notes on self‘. [Medium]
  4. ‘But strange things also happen in the silence of your own thoughts. When Instagram’s algorithm didn’t tell me what to view or like, or buy, I was left to my own devices.’ – from this essay on giving up instagram for a year. [Huffpost]
  5. Another one from Joe’s list is this long but really interesting, detailed and informative look at how much protein we really need and why it’s not just the amount but the source that matters. [Women’s Health]
  6. Permacrisis is Collin’s word of 2022. [BBC]
  7. Written for Thanksgiving but still relevant for the holiday season – a look whether overindulging makes us happy and how to approach the holiday season and all the food that comes with it. [The Atlantic].
  8. 4 new insights on fuelling for endurance sports. [Outside Online]
  9. Saving for next year: how to micro schedule and how it may make you more productive. [The Everygirl]
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