1. Our “primitive” selves are yearning for quiet even as we bask in the benefits that modern living provides. Noise is not just an annoyance but an actual health hazard. Would you do a silent retreat? [GQ]
  2. 10 things that cause face puffiness. [Pillow Talk Derm]
  3. 3 (simple) pasta recipes from professional chefs. I want to try them all. [Goop]
  4. How to prevent the wrong people from living rent free in your brain. [Medium]
  5. Adam Grant, author of Think Again shares the email mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to come off as rude and actually want a response. [Granted]
  6. 5 condiment ideas to take a sandwich from good to great. [Food52]
  7. How to vent to a friend without bringing them down. [Self]
  8. Smart kitchen storage ideas to make the most of a small space. [Clever]
  9. “Unearthed. I’ve never heard that word in this context before. I always thought it meant “to dig something up.” But I know what she’s saying — she feels ungrounded, unmoored, and unnerved. Shaken to the core. Like the rug has suddenly been pulled out from under her.” – this essay is the perfect description of the feeling of being unearthed…and why it’s often the start of something beautiful. [Hello Gloria]
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