1 “Your job is what you do, it is not who you are. If it becomes the latter, you will burn out. And what does that really mean? It means losing yourself. It is essential to have a life outside of work – it’s mad that we even have to point that out.” – word. From this interview with Carrie Sun who’s memoir Private Equity (highly recommend reading) reads as a cautionary tale of how work can destroy you. [Harper’s Bazaar]

2 6 Things to do to improve your memory. [Self]

3 File under things I never knew: it is the female mosquito that bites – they drink your blood to help them lay eggs. They’re also particular with who they bite, here’s what draws them. [Time]

4 Speaking of which, the best thing to use when outdoors is a natural cream/balm like this one that has lemongrass and citronella – two things they hate, but smell divine to the human nose.

5 “Our brains aren’t just predicting the present; they’re also simulating the future, to minimize unexpected surprises. If we expect to feel pain, fatigue, doubt, or even hunger, those predictions become self-fulfilling prophecies” – predictive processing is the latest brain theory and here’s how it can alter your performance. [Outside Online]

6 7 small saving tips that add up. [Mind Body Green]

7 A good while back I shared the lowdown on acupressure mats. I still have the mat and I use it whenever I have a sore and stiff back – it’s by no means comfortable but after a few minutes you get instant relief. If you want to give it a go, this is the one I use.

8 A list of winter comfort meals. [Drizzle & Dip]

9 The benefits of ginger shots and how to make your own ginger lemon tonic here. [Vogue]

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