1. “I don’t think the feeling of regret is a negative emotion,” Yugeta told me. “What’s negative are thoughts like, ‘I can’t run fast anymore’ or ‘I’m too old to do this,’ and I think that it’s an entirely positive way to live, to use any regrets you might have as motivation to achieve a goal.” – from this must read essay on the power of regret. [New York Times]


2. Linked inside the above essay was this long essay entitled “what if you can do it all over” about the allure of unlived lives. A concept that if you’re fascinated by you’d most likely enjoy reading Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer and The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult. [New Yorker]


3. How to give constructive feedback. [Well + Good]


4. 5 ways to use the food scraps in your kitchen. [Bon Appétit]


5. How to get rid of the smells that stick to silicone trays and mats. [Cook’s Illustrated]


6. “Enjoyment and pleasure are terms often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Pleasure happens to you; enjoyment is something that you create through your own effort.” – from this article on why you should choose enjoyment over pleasure. [The Atlantic]


7. 4 money mistakes to avoid if you’re trying to build savings. [Fool]


8. The psychology tricks that have made Worldle so addictive. [UX Mag]


9. Because a long weekend provides ample opportunities for a leisurely brunch here’s 21 brunch ideas. [Food52]

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