1. Would you like a glass of water?

Yes Hydration is the cornerstone of well-being.

No I’m a succulent.

and other opt-in forms for real life

[The New Yorker].

2. Next time you’re searching for a parking spot, give thought to the scientists who took time to figure out a mathematical equation of how to choose the best parking spot [Wired].

3. Finally an explanation as to what the liquid goop in canned beans is. Personally I’m a drain and rinse person unless I’m using the aquafaba from chickpeas [Bon Apetit].

4. Talking to strangers is good for your mental health. Here’s how to get used to doing it [Mel Magazine].

5. Tik Tok explained, now is anyone on it? [Refinery29].

6. This essay “Laziness does not exist” is more than about laziness (or the lack thereof); it’s about treating people kindly, with curiosity not judgement. If you read one link, read this one [Medium].

7. What is resistant starch and why is it so important for us? [The Cut].

8. What happens when an animal goes extinct [National Geographic].

9. 4 blender hacks that work, 1 that doesn’t [The Kitchn].

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