1 What you should know before splurging on medical grade beauty products [Self]

Chaos Gardening, the latest trend in the world of gardens is inspired by the unruly growth of nature and a whiff of rebellion against the control and neatness of traditional horticulture. So next time someone tell you your garden is looking unruly, tell them you’re chaos gardening. [House & Garden]

3 6 keys to living a happy life according to a natural biologist. [Vogue]

4 I’m guilty for having the constant habit of checking my phone, a habit hard to break. Joe Holder speaks about subtraction by addition as a way to prevent your phone taking over your life in this article, which also includes many a good tip. [GQ]

5 Been tempted to try the Olio ice rollers and they’re currently 15% off here.

6 Ideas for upcyling your used candle jar or just removing the last bit of wax so you can recycle it.

7 3 myths about good sleep you need to stop believing. [Mind Body Green]

8 “In our name” – it’s the title of a brilliant letter written by Jewish Columbia students that encapsulates what it is like being Jewish on Campus and what the world still doesn’t get about Jewish identity, history and Israel.

9 Why garlic sometimes turns blue and how to tell if it’s safe to eat. [Bon Appetit]

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